BlueBlood’s Mr. Spooky and Penny Poison in the Chap-Hell


BlueBlood is proud to present, Mr Spooky and Penny Poison in the Chap-hell. This is a great Blood Blood shoot by Amelia G and Forrest (don’t call me Frank) Black. I love this set. I mean, look at where it is shot! How can you not love it? First, I have to tip my hat to the scene itself. The Chap-Hell is a wonder to behold. There is a lot going on with everything from skulls n candles to a mean looking demon holding a spear with an even meaner looking head attached to said spear. The colors used to light up this shoot really accentuates the eerie feeling of the Chap-Hell.

What really catches my eye though is the interplay between Mr Spooky and Penny Poison. The setting is great, but it is the people in it that really propel this shoot. Both are friends of tattoos and each bring their unique spin to the scene. The chemistry between the two is showcased in a number of shots and, well, let’s just say Mr Spooky gives Penny Poison a bit of his own communion at the sacred place. Of course, I can’t show you those pictures (but I did get to enjoy them for you). I leave you with something to tantalize the senses. If you want to see the full shoot (and it is well worth it) then you know what to do…

Mr. Spooky broadcasts horror goodness from this Chap-Hell in his secret headquarters. In fact, Penny Poison used to watch his show and dream of meeting a guy like that. Looks like it worked out pretty darn well.
–Amelia G


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