Penny Poison brings us the sexy version of “the” Exorcist scene


We all know the scene. Regan is on the bed, she has the cross and she says __________! Right? You know the words and so, apparently, does Blueblood’s Penny Poison. When I read that Forrest Black had a glass cross made and that Penny Poison was in that shoot, I knew this had to be good. As always, Forrest Black and Amelia G. do not disappoint. I mean, how could they? They have Penny fricken Poison as a model! If you haven’t seen her in the Mr Spooky shoot, then do go check them out. Just like that shoot, Penny Poison really brings the scene to life.

Also, just like that shoot, I have the tough (woe is me!) job of picking out safe for work photos for all you guys and ghouls out there. You know how this shoot ends, right? You know how erotic Penny Poison is, right? What you might not know is just how much she really (I mean really) loves her crucifix. Who knew that under all her Satanic Majesty (great Stones album), Penny Poison is a Catholic girl at heart.

One of the things that really pops about this photoshoot is that we get to see Penny Poison’s tattoos really come alive. I never really got to see her back tattoos in this much light before. They, much like Penny Poison, are quite amazing. The artwork is stunning and the red really pops out at you. Have a look at what I’m talking about, and don’t forget, if you want to see the full set you have to click on through. Happy Halloween everyone!

Penny Poison is definitely one of the most amazingly wonderful people to create art with. Forrest Black and I really love capturing the individuality of the people we photograph and Penny Poison’s personality really shines. That is her real life living couch, surrounded by gargoyle guards. She decorated the corset she is wearing with lots of red and white sparklies. I love things which sparkle! The glass cross she is using was designed by Forrest Black and created by XXX Glass custom for him. If you check out the glass makers, you can tell them Blue Blood and Barely Evil sent you. I love the way, in some of these images, the gargoyle appears to be snuggling up to Penny Poison for some cross fucking!
–Amelia G


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