Penny Poison gets drenched


Once again Blue Blood has brought us the rather wicked (in a good way) Penny Poison. This time Amelia G and Forrest Black have put Penny into one of my childhood posters. The split-tongued vixen is in a bit of leather goddess mode. I had a great Judas Priest joke here, but darn if I can’t make it work right in type. I guess you’ll have to use your imagination. Your imagination, however, is not needed to see how absolutely drenched Penny Poison gets.

BlueBlood has never failed to hook me. I adored the tough and rumbly feel of Penny Poison and her leather outfit–zippers, studs, and snaps (where are the snaps, you might ask, well, let’s just say this bad boy comes off from the underside…)–and she looks very wicked with the dark lipstick, the piercings, and a hint of ink. The shoot could have ended there and I would think we’d have our money’s worth. Then they turned it up a notch. When she gets wet, things get intense.

Maybe I was the only person to have this poster of a model, who was also in leather, dashing her head back and whipping her hair with water sprinkling everywhere. Whelp, Penny nailed that pose. Let’s face it, there is a lot of ‘good’ in this shoot. Penny does vulnerability well and she really pulls off the punk look too. What really really is cool though, is every time I see her in a spread, I see something new (not just the magenta hair–which is darn hot, by the way). For example, this time I discovered her ears. No, not in that fetish way (although…) but really. Look at her ears. I can’t believe I never noticed before, but they are fricken cool!

Enough of my babble! Go on and find a few new spots of Penny for yourself…

Forrest Black and I love love love working with Penny Poison. We’re creatively really on the same page and she looks like she looks and is just a really pleasant human being. I think she comes across like a sexy cyberpunk assassin in this hot spiked leather hot shower series. Yes, I know I said hot twice.
–Amelia G


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