Penny Poison strips her BLT


Is there a more perfect combo than Penny Poison and BlueBlood? I think not. Amelia G and Forrest Black bring out Penny Poison’s A Game when they come by for a shoot. I love that this is a Black Leather Times theme, too. BLT, if you haven’t checked it out, is in omnibus form and reading it is a blast from the punk past.

I’m a bit jealous of the t-shirt. You can take that any way you want, too. Who wouldn’t want a BLT t-shirt or to adorn Penny’s inky curvature. The shirt reminds me a bit of a LeMarchand box—-you can take that any way you want, too.

Some of the best poses with Penny Poison are with her tongue. If you are new to the world, Penny’s tongue is split down the middle and each side has a mind of its own. There are some rather cool pictures of her displaying this mastery, but only a few are SFW.

One set of photos in particular demonstrates something that I didn’t know about Penny Poison and that just how darn flexible she is. Take it from a guy who had to do a flexibility shoot before, getting into these poses and holding them for camera clicks is not an easy thing. Penny shows fantastic muscle control in most of the set and the results are stunning. It is the simple shifts in expression or movement that sets one moment from the next in this set and I simply love it.

We’ve seen her make the Exorcist sexy and now we can see her in a bit of a fun twist pose where even the slightest angle is perfection. If you like ink, body control, killer blue hair, or split tongues (or just want to unwind with a bit of Poison) then this is definitely the shoot for you. It’s BlueBlood and Penny Poison. Need I say more?

It’s a double update treat again. Amelia G and I just got to hang out with Penny Poison this past week and it reminded me that I had these fun shots to share from a quick little series she did with us when we were releasing out BLT 25 Year Omnibus book, collecting all the great issues of the hilariously antisocial punk humor zine Amelia and crew, including myself, used to put out all over the mid-Easters seaboard punk and fandom scene. BLT, or Black Leather Times, was the sort of rude-mouthed precursor to Blue Blood magazine, so we all have great fondness for it. Penny looks so hot in the t-shirt I designed to go along with the book, utilizing the great cover illustration from Eric ‘Slash’ Dunn. Little did I know back then that crazy fun hot girls like Penny would rock this art quite this way. You can also keep up with Penny’s cam performance updates and appearances over on our cool contributor blog! That’s where we try to keep you up to date on all the sexy fun things the cool folks we work with are up to lately.
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