Potting Lillies’ Lily Potter Harry Potter Cosplay


Lily Potter (neĆ© Evans) is a fun character because she’s often heard about but seldom seen, giving cosplayers lots of creative licenses with their depictions. Potting Lillies’ version presents auburn hair rather than straight red, which works well to distinguish her from the Weasleys, whose hair I always picture as the orange shade Ron has in Potter Puppet Pals. The wand and tie look realistic to the Potter universe, and the robes look very official–perhaps used for Lily’s Hogwarts graduation ceremony? Potting Lillies’ smile has a warm, Gryffindor-like quality to it, perfectly (if only symbolically) matching the warm reds and golds that dominate the costume. In sum, it’s good to see a living, non-ghost Lily.


I flounced around pretending I was Lily Evans today.

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