Chanelnadia’s Clever Hermione Granger Harry Potter Cosplay


The fact that chanelnadia isn’t smiling in this cosplay makes it all the better. While Hermione doesn’t remain a killjoy during the entire series, this portrayal takes Potter fans back to Year 1 when she was a pain in Harry’s and Ron’s necks… until she saved their asses with the whole troll-in-the-bathroom scenario. The striped tie looks quite similar to the red-and-gold one Hermione often wears as a Gryffindor, and the books and pencil are good accompanying props. The hair is a nice cross between the canon brown and Emma Watson’s blonde, and its bushy volume looks more or less exactly as it was described in the book. This humorless Hermione is wonderfully nostalgic.


my playing hermione granger from harry potter


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