Penny Poison going down to the Chap-Hell of Horror


Eight full pages of shots I can’t remotely show you–heck, eight pages of shots I can’t even describe without breaking the ‘Safe for Work’ rule. Seriously, Penny Poison is doing things in this Barely Evil shoot at the Chap-Hell of Horror with a tool that I can’t describe without redacting myself. I can say ‘she’s on a chair that looks pretty cool. Oh, and I love the magenta in her hair in this photo.’ That’s about as Safe for Work I can make this one.

OK, everything isn’t NSFW in this set, but darn near close! There is page nine that does display two poses I can discuss and even show! The other 98 photos, well, ummm….just imagine leather, steel, a great shade of lavender for nail polish, and Jim going ‘wtf’ (in a good way!).

The setting is awesome, by the way. If you love horror, you have got to see this setting. Imagine that Alice Cooper decorated your bedroom–that is what we have here. Severed heads adorn the wall next to bloody chains and even bloodier hands. There are disembodied hands creeping near gargoyles and blood red candles. The throne is a great center piece that is flanked by a red-winged demon clawing at a pile of skulls. The ambience is awesome. Penny Poison adds so much to this with her split tongue and smouldering, well, her smouldering everything. Her boots are laced calf-high black numbers that match her studded black leather jacket and are accented nicely with her black (slightly past) knee-high stockings.

Penny Poison looks at home at the Chap-Hell of Horror and she brings a lot to every photo. I just love how she can look innocent in one photo and in the very next twirl out that split tongue of hers. Penny Poison is one of my favorite models from Barely Evil and I am sure this photo set is a sure-fire hit with any fan of Halloween. I know I loved it. The setting is dark and Penny Poison is majestic–such a perfect combination for the Halloween season.

It’s that ghoulish time of year and I thought it would be fun to kick off the festivities with a wicked update featuring the always entertaining Penny Poison getting intimate with some special medical gear in The Sinister Minister’s haunted Chap-Hell of Horror. The mischievous spirits kept turning our lights off and leaving us in the darkness, but Penny cast the appropriate spells to get the job done. Happy Halloween season everybody.
~Forrest Black


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