Black Cat: The Cat of Your Dreams


Here at SexyFandom, we love Raychul Moore so much that she graces the cover of the current issue of our Bazowie! Magazine, with a wonderful articulate interview feature inside, where she and our own Jim Phoenix talk gaming, cosplay and more!

Black Cat is one of the fictional characters from the Marvel Universe. She was a former girlfriend of Spiderman and made a first appearance in “Amazing Spider-Man” (1979). She was once a criminal but now a reformed burglar. She’s one of the sexiest cunning cat you’ll ever see.

Aside from her sexy and mysterious looks, one thing I’m fond of with this kitty cat character is the sexy waves in her silky white hair. It’s so gorgeous, it makes her stand out among other cat-themed characters. Raychul Moore made her Black Cat cosplay so effortlessly beautiful and stunning you’ll love watching her more and more!

Marvel Comics: Black Cat

Marvel Comics: Black Cat


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