Arrow – The Scientist


Moira rears her face ugly head at Queen Consolidated much to the chagrin of the Terminator. The city hasn’t forgiven her, you guys! She can’t just show up and expect everything to be the same. No one’s going to show up to your party when you killed a section of the city. But hey, no line at the bar! Win!

Meanwhile, Bane breaks into a warehouse to steal some equipment and Ollie seems to know why but he ain’t telling yet. Plucky CSI Barry Allan arrives on the scene and Felicity is all about it. When Ollie tracks down a truck our baddie stole, it doesn’t go well. Someone’s skin is just a little too hard to be pierced by an arrow and Ollie thinks that SOMEONE is trying to make whatever miracle goo was on the island again.

Speaking of the Lost island, our dynamic crew tracks down the sub to find the miracle drug and give it to Slade. With mixed results. Poor burned bastard.

Sneaky Merlyn gives Moira an ultimatum to tell Thea he is her father OR ELSE. BUT, that bad bitch tells Ra’s al Ghul (which I can never remember how to spell) Merlyn is still alive. BURN!!! Yay more League of Assassins story!

Turns out Barry’s not on loan from Central City and Ollie doesn’t trust him, which is too bad for Felicity cuz she’s got the hots. But it all turns out okay and they get to slow dance together while Moira throws serious shade at Terminator. Oh you catty bitches.

Roy helps out Sin with her missing friend in our “Who Cares” story of the week. When they find her friend, he’s on the wrong end of an OD with gross bloody eyes. Roy tries to illicit the Hood’s help but Ollie wants him to let it go. Roy says he can do it on his own and then Ollie shoots him through the leg. Hardcore! That was fricking rad, Roy’s had it coming for weeks.

Ollie gets his ass kicked by Bane and stumbles into a box filled with syringes of mystery goo. Diggle and Felicity arrive on the scene but don’t know how to help Ollie so they bring Barry Allan into the fold.

So much foreshadowing of Barry becoming the Flash. Oh, spoiler alert. Dur. But how will he turn into said super hero!? Will it be chemicals in a lightning storm? Will it be the particle accelerator! What about Felicity’s magic pussy!? Tune in next week!


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