Arrow – City of Heroes


Previously on Arrow, a whole lot of shit went down! And we’re back. Here we are with Felicity and Diggle on a helicopter, heading to the Lost island in search of Ollie who has apparently run away from all his problems. That’s an old Ollie move, not a new and island improved Ollie move. And if he’s back on the island I guess he knows where it is, so how did he get off it? At least he isn’t wearing a shirt!

The Glades has turned into Thunderdome and The Dynamic Dui want Ollie to come back to town and make everything alright bt he’s all boo boo, Tommy’s dead so I can’t find any joy in murdering bad guys anymore. You’re not Superman, it’s okay if you kill a couple crappy hoodlums. Get over it.

Summer Glau will be in anything but look out! She’s dangerous! When is that gonna come into play? Is she an undercover superhero too? Or just good at biz and is going to give Ollie a run for his money?

Moira is making navy the new black in that chic jailhouse jumpsuit. Sashay, bitch!

How did the faux hoods get past the door guy with those shotguns?

Fake Hoods blame the Queens for the earthquake in the Glades. Sure guys, not Merlyn at all. Oh Speedies. You’ll never not be tiresome. Ollie goes back to the action once Thea is kidnapped and I parallel Shado is taken too. Thea decides not to be a jerk to her crappy mom. We could probably all take a lesson here.

Black canary leaps to action as Speedy gets his ass kicked and that’s totally Laurel. I mean, it has to be, right?

What are they gonna call you then? Gibblets McArrow Face? Hoodie Von Imthegoodguy? And get a mask hike you’re at it.

Well they sure set up a whole lot to cover this season. This ep wasn’t especially exciting but it’s nice to see Felicity hit a guy with a 2×4 and still be a smart blonde. Everyone else is the same ol. More fighting, less shirts!


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