Arrow – City of Blood


Tonight is a night of airing of secrets. And talking. Lots and lots of talking. Laurel knows Ollie is the Arrow. Everyone knows Sebastian is working for Slade. Ollie tells Sebastian he’s the Arrow. And I am bored. Two episodes left in this season and this is the slowest wind up ever. Get on with the fighting and not shirt wearing already!
Oliver misses Moira’s funeral and goes AFK, worrying everyone, and by everyone I mean Felicity. Felicity and Digg ask for ARGUS’ help in finding Ollie and he’s been hiding out in his second lair. Hello season three lair!

On the Lost island, they get on the old sub and the Russian dude get’s the Japanese sub moving. But it won’t move cuz it’s stuck or something so they decide to use the torpedoes to blast a way out. Except someone has to steer it, because that’s crazy and probably was a real thing. Ollie kicks Sarah off before the try this little experiment and after they’re free radios to her, but she’s all “Ollie! Oh no, I can’t do anything cuz I’m not an assassin yet and my hair looks a mess cuz I’ve been stuck on this island for two years and there’s no conditioner!”

Laurel’s still on Blood’s ass, who is now mayor, that was fast, and plants a red blinking bug in his office to access his computer. Why is it blinking? And DUN DUN DUN there’s evidence that he knew Moira was going to die.

Roy’s still knocked out on snake venom. Let’s keep it that way.

Aha, Isabel kicks Thea out of her club. Yeah you should leave Starling, you’ve got nuthin’! Aww look, Ollie is trying to cry. Don’t try too hard, you’ll pull a muscle.
And now Laurel is in the lair. Is she going to be the new Black Canary? Cuz hopefully Sarah is going to die. Ruh roh, there are MIRAKURU plants all over the city and they’re taking over! And Lady Deathstroke kicks Diggle’s ass. Well, I called that. Hopefully she won’t die in two episodes cuz I think she’ll be a crazy villain. We’ll see.


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