Arrow – Streets of Fire


Here’s a fun game, every time Ollie has a wooden look on his face, DRINK! Take your shirt off goddamnit, that would really improve these last couple episodes.

It’s chaos on the streets of Starling city yet again as Slade’s army takes over. Diggle takes on Lady Deathstroke, or rather Ravager, with a nice assist from Felicity and the van. I’m enjoying Ravager’s costume, the orange buckles are a nice detail. She kind of looks like Orphan Black in that mask, right?

After Ollie collapses the hallway to get away from the evil army but Laurel gets trapped and has to shoot her way out with his fancy arrows. See, she can do stuff…

Dr Teeth shows up just in time to rescue Thea from a Mirikuru maniac but she’s not happy to see daddy dearest. He makes a good case about why they should stick together but she’s nto having it and shoots. But what happens!??!

On the Lost island, Ollie leaves the sub to go find Sarah. He breaks her out of the prison, again, but wants to try to give Slade the cure. You dumb, just run.

Dresden rallies the troops and gets his badge back but the cops don’t make much headway against the army of maniacs. Canary comes after Laurel, who gets lost or whatever, but Sarah gets all down in the dumps and needs a pep talk.

Awww, what’s that Sebastian? It’s not turning out the way you thought it would? Oh shit, getting mouthy with Slade is not the way to go.

You know what Slade, if Shado were here she’d kick you in the dick.
streetsof fireRavager

STAR Labs has finally created a cure but the Dream Team doesn’t get to the delivery intern in time. Ollie also needs a pep talk and Felicity boosts him up. And Sebastian is there with the assist and lifts the cure from Slade. Bitch, you better run, NOT make idle threats to Ollie. See, that’s what you get, two swords through your chest. Well, that’s the end of him.

They get the cure and use Roy as a guinea pig, which is the most helpful he’s EVER been.

The army turns out to be ARGUS and Amanda is ready to level the city rather than let Slade’s army out. Let the countdown begin!


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