Arrow – Unthinkable


Finally! The finale! All this incredibly slow build up is finally going to pay off! Right?! RIGHT!?

The cure worked on Roy, just in time for him to be totally ineffective again! But Diggle’s girlfriendwife shows up to blast the shit out of the clock tower and saves them from Slade’s lackeys. Yeah, Ollie doesn’t want to kill anyone…. so I guess we’ll forget that bazooka and that big explosion? Awww, Roy gets his own mask! So I guess he’s sticking around then?

Thea shoots Merlyn but he’s not stupid and has kevlar in his little costume. She reunites with Roy and they agree to run away for good. But then he gets a call and has to run. Nice timing! And she finds Roy’s spare bow and arrow and washes her hands of him for Daddy Dearest.

Sarah calls in the League of Assassins to lend some arrows! YAY! Including her ex-girlfriend. They load up some arrows with the cure and get to work. Ollie wants to spare Isabel but Nyssa has other plans and snaps her damn neck. Well that’s disappointing. They took so long to build her up and then kill her off as soon as she gets fancy powers?

Ohhhh so it’s okay if other people kill, just not Ollie. Sure. He whisks Felicity to the Queen mansion because he wants her to stay safe and says he loves her. Mr Cardboard tries real hard to show emotion here but I’m unconvinced. But it’s all a clever ruse! She gets Slade in the neck with the cure and now he’s back to boring old human strength. See, Laurel could never have down that. Felicity is superior.

In a showdown that looks like a dance movie, our heroes take down the Mirakuru army

Diggle releases the Suicide Squad! Let all the crazy people fight each other! It’s like Wrestlemania!! Waller, why’d you have to go and bring up Diggle’s baby? So random.

After this season there won’t be anymore flashback to the Lost Island, right? The ship goes boom and Sarah gets sucked into the water, again. They did a good job with the fight, juxtaposing it with the current tussle. So Ollie thinks that stabbing Slade in the eye with an arrow was going to kill him? Turns out that was a bad plan. Ollie wins of course, both fights, and gets Waller to call of the drone strike. Yay.

Sarah finally fucks off and gives Laurel her jacket. I guess this means she’s the new Canary? Daddy Dresden isn’t doing so well after those punches to the gut. What a weird cliffhanger.

Ollie puts Slade in an Argus prison on the island. Oh sweet irony. And then Felicity asks where he learned to fly and good god what the hell. So Waller rescued him from the Island? And he ends up in Hong Kong? Ugh.

Instead of tying up a bunch of stories, this episode was overshadowed with new plots to exploit in the next season. Can’t we get any damn closure before you move on?!


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