Arrow – The Man Under The Hood


Our Dream Team breaks into Queen Labs to blow the thing sky high since Slade was trying to make MIRAKURU by the bucket load and create an army of super jerks.

Bad news for Queen Consolidated, bitches be broke! So sign these papers and get Thea to agree and all your funds go in a cardboard box titled “Rainy Day”.

Ivo tries to save himself in this week’s flashback, by saying he has a cure for the MIRAKURU. And Ollie shoots him so he doesn’t have to suffer a long and crappy death. Even tho he totally had that coming.

The Man Under the Hood
Short ass Slade surprises our do-gooders in their lair and schools their asses. If Sarah didn’t sign a GODDAMN MEDICAL INFORMATION CONSENT FORM THAN THAT FUCKING DOCTOR CAN’T TELL LAUREL THAT SARAH HAS A TON OF PREVIOUS INJURIES AND SCAR TISSUE! CALL THE GOVERNMENT! But Laurel does finally put it together that her sister and Ollie are not what they seem. And now she’s on the case!

Thea’s got lots of weird FEELS now that she knows Merlyn is her real dad. Blah blah blah blah. I tried to kiss Tommy and now I know he’s my half brother. Ewww, gross. Whatever twerp, you’re boring.
The Man Under the Hood
So it turns out that Terminator Isabella had an affair with Poppa Queen and was going to leave Moira? That’s interesting, and by interesting I mean convoluted. So Isabella has slept with all the Queen men?

Dresden gets his ass handed to him by another inmate. Laurel tries to tell him who the Arrow is but he doesn’t want to know. Laurel pretty much reveals to the Arrow that she knows who he is but then gets a suspiciously timed phone call. This episode was rife with that gimmick.

Slade storms STAR Labs but the mousey admins use one of the stored weapons to shoot him and escape. Course, Slade gets exactly what he wants anyway. Medical, jargony whosits to make an army or whatever. Ollie storms in to stop Slade but it isn’t Slade who is getting drained of blood. It’s Roy. Saw that coming from a fucking mile away. And jesus christ I’m so tired of Roy. OOOOOOH! Diggle shot the shit out of Isabella! So she’ll probably get pumped full of mirakuru. Yup. That’s exactly what happened.

Only Roy took his shirt off and it was disappointing. This season is taking forever! Come on guys, blow some more shit up or something. Less Roy, more fire!


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