Girls’ Frontline CZ75 Reporting For Duty!

When cosplaying, everyone’s always aiming for accuracy and one of the most challenging things to make accurate is the hair. When I saw this cosplay of CZ75 from Girls’ Frontline I couldn’t help but take a second look at her hair. I couldn’t help but commend the effort she did to make that wig look like it was defying gravity. In the original art, the character’s hair was always shown as having huge waves that went the direction where normal hair wouldn’t usually go. Reality wise, no hair would ever be shaped like that, but there are a few ways this could be done when styling. One way is by putting a base underneath with a wire that’s going to be shaping all of that hair into the direction where it’s supposed to go. They might need to stick a bit of the hair on to that base too to prevent that structure underneath from showing. It may seem easy but it’s a tedious process and might even risk of damaging the wig if not done properly.

Cosplayer: 炸毛鬼-
Photo by: A-Jun阿俊_

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