Arrow – Blind Spot


Son of the year, Sebastian Blood visits his mother, his aunt, his mother, his aunt, in the hospital and he’s not winning any more trophies after that lil mask stunt. Laurel learns that the Maunt is dead and after the DA refuses to look into it, she contacts Arrow for help. The two of them break into the city archives looking for evidence and in a daring escape, barely make it out before the fastest SWAT team in the world takes them out. But of course the file is empty. You didn’t look first, Laurel!?

On the Lost island, Sarah tries to get Ollie to make a deal with Ibo. But then steals the radio to give him a piece of her mind? Okay weirdo.

Roy starts to get a big head now that he has super roid strength and decide they don’t need the Arrow anymore. Poor Sin gets to play bait for a serial prostitute slicer when things get a BIT out of hand. Aww, Roy gets the sads when he lashes out at Thea who is just trying to help. Arrow steps in to give the young padawan some guidance and hugs.

Oh it was SLADE who stole the file to protect Blood. Sebastian gets his dirty cop to go after Laurel and discredit her, dragging her off to jail for her pill popping. Poor Laurel, you look like a crazed junkie on a conspiracy jag. And then she gets kidnapped, again. It’s battle of the gravely voices!!! Oh, Laurel won. Good for her, she needs a self esteem boost. But now no one believes her about Sebastian. Look, not everyone who takes delicious opiates is a conspiracy nut.

Sebastian reports back to Slade that it’s all taken care of but Slade is nonplussed and kills a bunch of people. So, not best friendsies? His tough guy outfit also looks like it was designed by Nerf. What’s with all the orange?


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