The Woman Called Fujiko Mine


Anybody remember Lupin The Third? It’s an oldie but it’s definitely legendary. It’s one of the timeless stories that was ever written and adapted into anime. But we’re not going to talk about Lupin today, he’s famous enough already.

Let’s talk about his frienemy slash love interest, Fujiko Mine. Fujiko, much like Lupin, is a pro burglar who’s been known to use her charms to get away with a heist. Even know she’s known to seduce her way out of situations she’s quite the agile fighter and can surely knock down if not kill an opponent. Fujiko’s name imply “mountain peaks of Fuji”, clearly a pun because of the well-developed size of her breasts.

Even though this anime was released more than 10 years ago, it’s nice to see its story and characters are still being thought of and appreciated today by new viewers and those who grew up watching the series. That said, here’s a cosplay by Kisakiurumi of the mysterious seductress of a thief, Fujiko.


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