Thief of Hearts: Himorta as Fujiko Mine


Smokin’ hot, badass, and a cunning woman is what she is. And she will stop at nothing until she fulfills her mission and gets what she wants, even if it means betraying her comrades. Well, every great thief has their own ways of doing their job but as for Fujiko Mine, her feminine charm plays a great part in it. — Which Lupin III himself acknowledges being Fujiko’s most lethal weapon when it comes to stealing.

Speaking of lethal beauties, here’s Antonella Arpa, also known as Himorta. She is an Italian model and a cosplay enthusiast. With her perfect curves and fierce look, she definitely makes a perfect resemblance of Fujiko Mine from the anime. The way she carried out herself in these photos (below) and how well she made her costume really shows how much she loves her craft.

Himorta’s Fujiko Mine Cosplay


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