Come On and Play!: Himorta as Super Mario


When I was younger, I used to play video games a lot as it always helps relieve my stress from excessive studying. It was really fun! However, as far as I can remember, back then, most game characters were designed to be really cute and funny to suit video game players of all ages. But as the years gone by, the art of character design in most video games have changed. They became more daring, flashy, and fierce. And somehow, I can’t help but think that ever since then, it has made a huge gap in the timeline between the classics and the new era of games. Most classics somehow became obsolete and rarely played with. Except perhaps, for one. Super Mario!

As the video gaming industry evolved through time, so did Super Mario. They developed new games, characters, and adventures which made it even more fun and interesting! But as far as the gaming evolution takes us, I guess it would also be exciting if Super Mario could have a gender-bent character for a change,… As gorgeous as this gender-bent Super Mario cosplay by Himorta, perhaps?

These photos were taken by P&C Computer Ancona and Omar Pirani.


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