Gotta Catch ‘Em All!: Himorta’s Ash Genderbent Cosplay


Though the whole Pokemon Adventures series have gone through many seasons and developed new characters and adventures, I must say that nothing still beats the classics!– The first and original characters that introduced Pokemon unto our hearts and took us to many fun and exciting Pokemon hunting adventures.

I’ve always loved the friendship between Pikachu and Ash and how they cherish each other like family as well as all those heroic battles they’ve been through. I guess that might be the reason why even until now, a lot of people still remember and admire their character, especially Ash for being a good master and companion to his Pokemons.

Well, speaking of master-and-servant relationships, would you mind being a Pokemon for a day if Himorta will be your master? Here’s Himorta’s Ash Ketchum genderbent cosplay that will surely make your hearts beat faster with her super hot version of female Ash. The whole costume was inspired from the original character itself, only made sexier to create a hot and feminine look which is quite the opposite of Ash’s character in the series.

These photos were taken by Adriano Cecchetto.

Plus, here’s a bonus photo of Himorta in her Pokeball-inspired bikini which was taken by Alessio Buzi Fotomania.


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