Genderbent Captain America Cosplay


Are you on Team Cap? Or on Team Iron Man? Chinese cosplayer who calls herself “77 aka 49”, has certainly chosen a side. Hmm, maybe because they have cookies on this side?

Most of the Marvel movies are dominated by a lot of strong male heroes and it’s not entirely uncommon that people would wonder what happens if they were gender swapped. In the cosplay scene genderbent cosplays of characters are nothing new. So I took it to social media to look it up out of curiosity and voila.

The first thing that came into my mind when I caught a glimpse of this cosplay was, “Wow”. I’ve seen a lot of gender bent Marvel character cosplay social media but this is probably among those with the best location and theme for the photoshoot. I really like how they played with the colors, the lighting, and how the overall outcome of the photos just came out really badass.


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