Knitted Captain America Cosplay – FangirlPhysics


I was lying awake last night thinking about the time and effort and attention to detail that go into cosplay, and I realized it’s a hobby a lot like knitting. Personally, I tend towards making weapons and then bashing people with them. Knitting’s really not my thing, but I did learn how to make a scarf, then thought to myself “HaHA! I now have the ability to use two sticks to turn string into fabric!” And, tucking that thought into my survival skills bag, I put down the needles. It takes a certain type of mind, I think, to do the really cool stuff in cosplay and knitting, so naturally I wondered if anyone managed the blend.

Lo and behold, meet the adorable FangirlPhysics, who hand-knitted a full classic Captain America costume, complete with hood and shield-as-bag, to wear this past March at Winter SacAnime and Sac-Con. She also provides a neat step-by-step on her facebook, where you can find more photos of her cosplay.

For most of the cosplay ((besides the belt, some parts of the star, and mask/hood)), I only used a knit stitch. The belt and hood were made using a loom.


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