Badass Sasha De Chagny’s Peggy Carter Captain America Cosplay


I happen to love WWII-era tough broads so I might be a bit biased on Agent Peggy Carter from the Captain America franchise, but she really does stand out in her own right. It’s not often that a romantic interest has just as much substance as the action hero—and Carter has more even substance than Steve Rogers, in my opinion—which makes her truly unique. If cosplayer Sasha De Chagny’s commentary didn’t make it abundantly clear how much she cares about the character, the amount of effort she put into the costume, makeup, and characterization in this cosplay sure does. Don’t know how she got Carter’s special agent pin, but that must’ve taken some doing. Also, shoutout to Tranquilchaos28 for managing to take great photos in the rain.


Can I just say how much I love Peggy Carter? She takes nothing and is so strong even when there was so much working against her succeeding in a world which was very much dominated by men.
These were taken a while ago and due to the rain, the quality was always a bit iffy. But I recently revisited these photos and fell in love with some of them all over again.


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