Captain America: Civil War Cosplay by Griffin Maria


After the release of Captain America: Winter Soldier last 2014, here comes another movie for the Captain America series that will be a sure fire hit! Captain America: Civil War will soon be out in the theaters worldwide! I’m sure the Avengers and Captain America’s fans are so thrilled to watch this new movie. Well, so am I! Despite my busy schedule, I won’t want to miss a chance to watch this epic movie.

Talking about the movie, as we all know, the alliance between Captain America and Iron Man became tainted in this movie and the big question is, “Who’s side are you on?” It’s quite hard to decide right? Even the other Avengers are having a trouble with it tho. Good thing, Griffin Maria‘s Captain America and Iron Man body paint cosplay makes the selection a bit easy. Combining the two characters in a very creative and sexy way sure is fun-tastic!

Body paint and photos by Papi Miranda.


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