Handsome Jack Genderbend Cosplay by Andivi


At first I thought that these photos were just edited. I thought that Andivi just thought of a funny idea to paste her face in this Handsome Jack genderbent cosplay layout. Turns out I was wrong because as I took a closer look in these photos, I noticed that Andivi just did a clever way of making her cosplay costumes in a very unique way.

As you can see, she drew most of the details on her costume with perhaps a black marker to make it seem like it was “cartoonized”. It was really cool and she was so happy of the outcome that she wore this in different cosplay conventions like Salon Manga Getxo 2015 and Japan Weeend Bilbao.

These photos were taken by Miharu Nkamura and other cosplayers who were in the same cosplay events.


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