Annette Lund’s Excellent Captain America Genderbend Cosplay

When it comes to genderbend cosplays, Captain America is one of the more interesting ones out there. Why? Because of all the brawn. It’s not sexist to say that men are generally built differently than woman, so—what do you do? Hit the gym and start bodybuilding for a million years? Not necessarily, not with this cosplay. The great thing about Captain America is that his physical appearance comprises just a portion of his character. When it comes to his backstory, there’s a lot to tap into. Annette Lund taps into his vigilance, his perpetual desire to protect others that makes up the core of his identity. Danarki’s photo does a great job in bringing this out, as well.


Captain America genderbend by Annette Lunde

PHoto by Danarki

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