All-American Hottie Masuimi


Masuimi Max is wearing an incredibly sexy outfit that shows her patriotic side because it has the stars and stripes from the American flag. She is wearing this costume with such elegance that is hard not to stare at her with delightful expectation.

There is a rather intense look in her eyes while she poses with her stylish haircut and sexy outfit for this BadMax set, witch by the way brings out her figure perfectly. Seriously, take one look at this costume and you’ll see how great Masuimi’s body looks with it. It is as if everything worth highlighting about her is being masterfully brought up for your eyes to notice it with ease, all while she poses with those hot stockings and garters as she adds more gorgeous stuff to look at by posing sexily while the city serves as her backdrop, offering a breathtaking view.

She doesn’t nude up for this one, but with the way her body looks with that outfit on, she really doesn’t have to in order to capture and maintain your attention.


15 photos: Haus of Se7en
latex: Latex Catfish
makeup: I Am Sin

Happy 4th of July!!!

XOXO, Masuimi
P.S. How’d you like to see an artistic bendy shoot?



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