Peggy Carter by Silver Wolfie Cosplay


If you are a true fan of Captain America, you probably remember this dangerous lady. I mean – who can forget that beautiful face? We present you the most prominent female agents during and after World War 2 – one and only Peggy Carter, revived by great Silver Wolfie Cosplay.

This talented cosplayer from Poland is really something special – if you pay attention you will notice that this girl has a perfect facial structure for the pin up girl quality from that era, so we think that she “wear” this character great!

Since she makes costumes, we can see that sewing is really her weapon of choice – the costume is perfect and the makeup goes great with the entire look. And the wig is truly amazing, made by Annabelle’s Wigs.

We have only one objection – next time make more photos because you as a Peggy deserve it!

Silver Wolfie Cosplay is very active on social networks, so if you want to see what this girl do, visit her Facebook, Deviant Art, Twitter and Instagram and enjoy in her work.

Photos were taken by Funidelia – Polska.


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