Critical Katarina


“Never question my loyalty. You will never know what I endure for it.” Katarina really reminds me of the hot and sexy Scarlett Johansonn a.k.a. Black Widow from the Avengers. Besides both of them having red hair, they are also both seductively dangerous. I know many people play league of legends but let me introduce who this Katarina is for those who don’t. Driven by an intense killer instinct, Katarina uses her talents as an assassin for the glory of Noxus, and the continued elevation of her family. While her fervor drives her to ever-greater feats, it can sometimes lead her astray. From childhood, Katarina displayed a natural gift for combat. As the daughter of a prominent Noxian general many paths were open to her, but she rejected them all for the path of the blade.

Our model for today is an American Cosplayer who goes with the name Spicy Seasoning and yes she’s really Spicy in my opinion. Although being new in cosplaying, with 3 years worth of cosplaying experience, I can say that she has a LOT of potential in working on this field. Not only that she’s extremely gorgeous but Spicy Seasoning has the love, talent and diligence in cosplaying. She’s also an artist who focuses on painting. She’s also very knowledgeable in sewing as she creates her own cosplay.

Objections? Objections anyone? I’m sure everyone agrees with me with this Katarina cosplay, damn this cosplay is jut revealing for itself!. The materials used for this cosplay is thin fur for the arm covers and pants but what really interest me in this cosplay is the details for the booths, belt and the golden linings. I can see that much effort was put into this just by looking it by far. Besides the very well made outfit the model itself is too mand hot! You can just pull that pants a little down and you can see kingdom but anyway I’m gonna rate this cosplay a 9/10 and because this cospaly really deserves it.

Spicy Seasoning is a fresh and new cosplayer with a lot of potential talent and can go world class if she continues on the pace she has now but we also need to do our part in helping her with that by sharing supporting her on Facebook and her DeviantArt Gallery. Let’s also support her photographer Silenceral






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