Beguiling Tatsumaki Cosplay


If you’ve followed One Punch Man, you’ll find this character familiar!

These cosplay photos are of One Punch Man’s sassy character, Tatsumaki a.k.a. Senritsu no Tatsumaki which roughly means “The Tornado of Terror”. Tatsumaki is a psychic metahuman who despite appearing younger then she looks is the most powerful esper in the series. Her personality is described to be brash, moody, and unable to tolerate incompetence, however, she is considered to be a hero and takes her duty of defeating monsters very seriously.

Japanese idol/cosplayer, Eri Kitami, has never been shy when it comes to showing skin in her cosplays. This style may not be fore everyone, but her sultry take on dressing herself up in the likenesses of the characters she chosen has unsurprisingly given her plenty of following. Even to date, she continues to bless her viewers with more of her seductive work.

What do you think of Eri’s cosplays?


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