Tornado of Terror


Everybody knows this rising new anime series One Punch Man. Not only it defied the very shonen anime logic of longer hair means stronger powers but many said that it can go on par with Goku which is a very great achievement specially if it came from the fans of Dragon Ball Z. Anyway our character for today is one of the S Class Hero in the series, Tornado of Terror. Tatsumaki has a rather brash personality and looks down on the weak. She appears to be somewhat protective of her sister, busting through the wall within moments after her sister’s group was annihilated by the Demonic Fan and defeating it in one fell swoop, took her sister away and left her subordinates to deal with themselves.

The hell with all the other Tornado of Terror Cosplay. Once I saw this cosplay photos from this cosplayer I stopped every other thing that I was doing and started researaching about the cosplayer and saving up those photos because this cospaly is just good and can almost go on par with Alodia and Jessica Nigri. You can see on those shoot and effects that she was like able to copy 90% of Tatsumaki or Tornado of Terror’s personality and traits because of the effect, body physic and facial features. If they had added the floating poses like what Tornado keeps on doing this would have been a 100% Tornado cosplay or even much better.

You’ve got to admit that the taiwanese blood really excells in cosplaying. That is very evident on our cosplayer today named Misa or real name, Misa Chiang. She is a very young and talented cosplayer who had just been cospalying for 5 years I repeat, 5 YEARS and look at where it got her to? Within those span of years she was able to gain a large amount of fans and was able to promote herself and her ability and beauty in cosplaying. If you still don’t believe me go to her Facebook and World Cosplay website so you can view mo of her excellent cosplays. Might as well follow her on instagram and twitter.


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