The Girl who records everything


“I’ll say it. ‘I’ll be waiting.’ For when I’ll see you once again, after you save every single ability-wielder. And then, we can become lovers. If you really pull this off, I am sure to unconditionally find Yu Otosaka dear to me.” A very pure and deep contract by two lovers which was said by Nao Tomori from the anime, Charlotte. Nao Tomori is one of the main characters of Charlotte. She is a first year and the president of the Student Council of Hoshinoumi Academy. Nao often uses her camcorder to record the power of ability users for proof, and is a huge fan of ZHIEND, her brother’s favorite band. Nao, as part of the student council, is known to be a hardworking, smart, and capable person. She is also narcissistic, self-righteous, short-tempered, and a bit of a liar; she dislikes it when other characters fail to acknowledge her efforts. She is bold, straightforward and also loves eating food.

I was really kinda disappointed with how the publishers or producers ended Charlotte too early when it has a really great potential on being a shonen like anime. If directed well, the anime would have been almost on par with Death Note when they focused on mind games and giving the anime a very smart and threatening antagonist in the story. The ending just felt a bit too rushed in a point. But anyway discussing in the character for today, I love how our cosplayer today have this very cute like feature of a tsundere girl. This is very rare for most cosplayers – having the very natural cute and innocent like look.

You’ve got to admit that the taiwanese blood really excells in cosplaying. That is very evident on our cosplayer today named Misa or real name, Misa Chiang. She is a very young and talented cosplayer who had just been cospalying for 5 years I repeat, 5 YEARS and look at where it got her to? Within those span of years she was able to gain a large amount of fans and was able to promote herself and her ability and beauty in cosplaying. If you still don’t believe me go to her Facebook and World Cosplay website so you can view mo of her excellent cosplays. Might as well follow her on instagram and twitter.


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