Dragonball Z Fan TheSweetWitch Discusses the Mystical


TheSweetWitch is sure to put a spell on you. In this cam, she is chatting it up with her fans surrounded by Dragonball Z pictures and mystical decorations. She keeps the room lively with color changing lights and electronica music playing in the background while she flirts and interacts with visitors to her room.

She discusses her passion for werewolves and vampires, as well as her disdain for Twilight. TheSweetWitch isn’t just easy on the eyes, she’s a fun host as well. I really like her bubbly personality, it brings a great energy to her room.

Boo! I’m Vanessa, call me Nessa. I’m an adorkable geeky witch living in the great PNW with my cuddle-bug cat, Rhys. I spend my days riding my motorcycle, tending to my garden of succulents, playing dress up and going out, video games, and arguing about comic books. I’m a DC fangirl for life, but I’m partial to Dark Horse and have some Marvel faves. Chat with me about it! I love talking about geeky stuff and making cheap puns at inappropriate times. I love music but I’m an even bigger movie buff. My friends say I’m a walking IMDB. That’s all for now. Come join me in my chat room and get to know me some more!


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