Why So Serious?: Kaizer-sama as The Joker Prince


Every villain has his own unique persona — Something that separates them from the rest,… Something that makes them interesting,… Something that makes them unforgettable.

As for the Dark Knight‘s greatest foe, the Joker Prince always has his ways of wearing a smile in the craziest, most creepy yet infectious way. (Well, at least I think so, as I oftentimes practiced on how to smile like him in front of the mirror.) He’s so unpredictable and undeniably intelligent that the Dark Knight even had some tough times capturing him. A total badass and a tough case to crack!

Here’s Kaizer-sama‘s Joker cosplay which really looks like the same as the character design for Joker in the Suicide Squad movie. I gotta admit that when I saw these photos, I really thought that he was the real deal! — The Joker from the Suicide Squad.– His gestures and facial expressions were really stunning and in character, you won’t believe that he’s just a cosplayer.

These photos were taken by Sakito Katsukawa.


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