Bungou Stray Dogs Recap Season 1 Episode 1


I’ve always encountered this anime in the past but I just didn’t take a second look to the episodes. Bungou Stray Dogs started with Atsushi’s story, an orphan, who was unfortunately kicked out from the orphanage. Although life has been hard on him, he refuses to just give up. In order to survive, he made a resolution and decided to rob the first person he sees. The first one he saw was riding a very fast motorcycle, and the second is a battalion of soldiers. Talk about bad luck! If it was me, I don’t know what I’d do since I have nothing to eat and not to mention, broke.

The third person he saw was a human body floating on the river. Instead of robbing, he saved a life instead. When the man woke up, he revealed that he was trying to commit suicide. Here, Atsushi, was desperate to live that he decided to rob people and this other guy is just trying to throw away his life just like that? It seems that Dazai, the man who tried to kill himself, has been trying to kill himself several times already, based on Kunikida Doppo, Dazai’s co-worker. In exchange to saving his life, he decided that Kunikida treat Atsushi instead, since all his money were washed away.

After meal, Kunikida and Dazai talked about the nature of their job that has something to do with the military and they are looking for the man-eating tiger. Atsushi claims that the tiger follows him wherever he goes. With this, I felt suspicious of Atsushi. How come the tiger did not eat him?

Dazai bribed Atsushi to become a bait to the tiger in exchange to a large amount of money. While sitting on an abandoned warehouse, Dazai finally revealed that the tiger was Atsushi…and I was right! The orphanage probably knows who the tiger is and decided to kick him out for their safety. Luckily, Dazai had a power to turn Atsushi back to normal.

Kunikida arrived late and didn’t have any idea of what happened. Dazai only left him a note and he called for back up. The other members are Yosano Akiko, Edogawa Rampo and Miyazawa Kenji. After realizing that Atsushi will have nowhere to go after this, Dazai decided to make Atsushi their member. For anyone who loves Shonen type of anime, this one is great to watch. The second season of Bungou Stray Dogs has just started and it’s not too late to recap the previous season to catch up with the others!


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