Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 2 Season 1 Recap


Last January 2017, SGCafe ranked Bungou Stray Dogs as #1 anime. For those who just heard this anime, you can check the previous articles for the recaps. In comparison, Atsushi is somewhat the same as Naruto where a very strong beast lies within them and they can’t control it. Additionally, Naruto didn’t have a living relative. Just like Atsushi who’s an orphan.

For Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 2 Season 1, this episode shows what happened after Atsushi realized that he is the man-eating tiger/weretiger. Dazai gave him an apartment, a cellphone, clothes and offered him a job but he is still reluctant to accept it. For him, he will still be useless if he joins them because he cannot will himself to transform into a tiger.

After offering Atsushi a job, Kunikida met up with them on their way. After a minute of Dazai badgering Kunikida, they went to their headquarters because of a said bomber taking in hostage and wants to talk to their president. Kunikida tried to pacify the bomber but instead, he was told to stand on fours on the table. It looked quite suspicious to me when Kunikida got upset hearing what he was told to do and the bomber got a little nervous. Did you guys noticed that on this episode?

The part where it’s Atsushi’s time to negotiate is also very hilarious! Was he swaying back and forth or was it just me? It seems like Atsushi is trying all desperate moves to convince the bomber not to blow up the whole place by relating what he doesn’t have (like a roof/house to stay at) and told the bomber that he doesn’t have friends or family, the orphanage drove him away and he feels like he doesn’t have any future. The hilarious part is also where he told the bomber that they will look for jobs together! After punching back and forth due to negligence (or what it looks like) of Kunikida and Dazai, the bomb was activated and without thinking much, Atsushi couldn’t find anything strong enough that can cover the bomb once it detonates. He covered the bomb with his body instead and that reaction got it jaw-dropped for few seconds. I mean, really? I was waiting maybe he will transform into the tiger.

After few seconds, unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for Atsushi to transform but the good thing is that the bomb wasn’t real. The “bomber” was actually a member, Tanizaki Junichirou, with the ability of Light Snow (which will be revealed on the next episode) and the one who acted as the hostage was his sister, Tanizaki Naomi. Their president, Fukuzawa Yukichi (ability: All Men Are Created Equal) who was just next door and not overseas (unlike what Kudikina mentioned), went out and let Dazai decide if Atsushi made it as their member or not. After Dazai made Atsushi realize what he will lose if he doesn’t accept the job (kicked out of the dorm/apartment, no house, no food, no family, no friends and that he is the wanted weretiger), it seems that Atsushi finally accepted the offer.


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