Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 3 Season 1 Recap


Bungou Stray Dogs opens up episode 3 of season 1 showing how close the siblings Junichiro and Naomi Tanizaki siblings are…so much that it looks like they’re lovers. Atsushi tried guessing what the people used to be before becoming associated with the Agency. Despite having to guess what the others’ previous occupations are, Atsushi had a hard time guessing Dazai’s previous occupation…even with the motivation of a 700 grand reward for those who can guess it correctly.

A client went to the Agency and I thought that the client was scared of how Dazai asked her to have a double suicide with him. Seriously, I don’t think anyone who’s planning to suicide would actually talk about it with anyone…even when he is just a “suicide enthusiast”.

Finally, a powerful enemy emerged under the name of Akutagawa. When Atsushi and the Tanizaki siblings were trapped by the so-called client, it seems that she is a member of the Port Mafia, Higuchi Ichiyou. It was brave of Naomi to protect her brother but I honestly thought she had a special power to reveal and I was so disappointed. Junichiro’s snow didn’t do much damage though because Akutagawa suddenly appeared. I think Akutagawa has a great backstory about Port Mafia and I can’t wait to watch the entire season. What makes me think that is because due to Akutagawa’s constant coughing, his power may be draining his health and there should be a more solid reason to risk your health to do some damage. Finding out that there’s a price for capturing Atsushi (7 Billion Yen) on the black market, surely, Akutagawa must be desperate to have that much of money.

In comparison with Naruto, severe hatred/pain unleashes the tiger inside Atsushi. It’s hard to leave Atsushi as a weretiger so Dazai came to the rescue. It seems that he’s not just an airhead afterall. When pretending to ask Ichiyou to have a double suicide with him, he sneaked a radio so that he can listen to her “plans”. Spoiler alert to those who haven’t watched Bungou Strat Dogs yet, but near the end of this episode, Akutagawa revealed/mentioned Dazai’s previous job before entering the Agency — an ex-Port Mafia member.


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