Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 5 Season 1 Recap

Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 5 Season 1 Recap is about the member of the Agency, Edogawa Ranpo. If we based this on history, Edogawa Ranpo is the pen name of Tarō Hirai, the Japanese author known for his detective novels such as Boys Detective Club. I’ve read about him because I’ve watched Trickster, which is also in reference to his book.

Kunikida-san made Atsushi come with Edogawa not to become his assistant but because he doesn’t know his way around to reach the train station. Isn’t it weird for a top notch detective?

Edogawa and Atsushi came to solve a murder. A woman’s body was found on the river with three gun shots on her chest. Yamigawa was investigating corrupt politicians and they assumed it was related to Port Mafia. I think it was amazing how Edogawa’s Ultra-Deduction works where he can solve a crime in just less than 60 seconds. Edogawa said that the killer is Sugimoto-kun, one of the police officers. I hate to spoil everything but this episode is just full of amazing revelations on how amazing Edogawa is…except that he doesn’t know his way around town.

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