Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 4 Season 1 Recap


Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 4 Season 1 opens up when Atsushi woke up at the hospital — or rather, his nightmare woke him up. Tanizaki and Naomi were almost dead on the last episode and I thought that was the end of it and it’s a shame to have two characters with potential to be dead on the third episode.

Good thing is that the siblings survived and Kunikida is calmly sitting beside Atsushi’s bed…reading an upside down book. He was telling Atsushi not to panic but when Atsushi mentioned that his book was upside down, he just lost it. It seems that Kunikida hated how Ichiyou Higuchi and Ryunosuke Akutagawa damaged his colleagues.

On this episode, another member of Port Mafia showed up (Hirotsu Ryuurou) and at first look, I thought that this member is even more powerful than Akutagawa. When the Port Mafia attacked a warehouse, people inside it were massacred and Atsushi decided to leave the Agency because he is thinking that Port Mafia is only after him and not the Agency.

It is very understandable why Atsushi did that (and even calling Ichiyou Higuchi to let her know that he left the Agency) and unfortunately, this did not stop the Port Mafia to attack the Agency. In my own opinion, isn’t the Agency an easy target especially they have an office in the middle of the city?

Well, the “Black Lizard”, which was a branch of Port Mafia’s goons, did attack the Agency…but they were no match to the Agency. Atsushi was able to see that. And Kunikida explained to him that he’s supposed to be a member of Agency now and what he can do is clean up the mess that was caused by the Black Lizard.


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