Hiya Puddin’!!!: Harley Quinn Corset Cosplay by Absentia


I know I’ve written quite a lot about Harley Quinn cosplayers in SFW but hey I just can’t help it! Haha! For most Harley Quinn lovers like me, Harley Quinns’ fashion sense never goes out of style. — From the cute and playful pink, red, and blue color combination to the passionate and wild, black and red.

Here’s Absentia‘s corset-themed, Harley Quinn cosplay which I find pretty unique because of the various styles incorporated to the character. First of, the accessories and the belt-like details in the corset makes her an alternative version of Harley. And Lastly, the make-up and hair styling makes her look like a lolita character which somehow fits Harley’s personality in some ways.

Absentia is a Polish model and cosplayer who loves to do corset-themed character cosplays. Her corset in this character cosplay was custom-designed and made for her by Timeless Trends Corsets.


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