The Delicious Taste Of Szandora

The look in Szandora’s eyes is filled with passion, her red hair and dark-colored makeup brings out her facial features in a smooth way, while making her lips appear as tasty as a juicy cherry. She also looks a bit like a bad girl from a vampire movie, deciding when to drain your blood.

Her overall energy through this BlueBlood gallery speaks volumes of her personality, since she manages to carry it through each image, pose, and flirty look. Even when she caresses her own body.

Szandora is only wearing latex “straps” with spikes on them, which look quite well and also let you in on all the secrets her body has to tell. I’m sure RubberDollies like her have enough things to show you to last a lifetime.


Retail Slut provided the bitchin’ spikey latex for this shoot. We were trying to be all serious shooting some of this for Marquis, going for that tough dominatrix vibe, but Szandora, Forrest Black, and I all just kept cracking up. You can kinda tell, but I sort of like it.
–Amelia G


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