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Now that Ollie is back in Star City for good, he has a lot of work to do. Those triad jerks are stealing hospital supplies from the Glades and leaving a whole lot of bodies in their wake. Why you gotta kill all those FEMA guys? They’re just doing their jobs! The Triad is gonna make taxes go up if they keep killing off so many government employees!

To add to Ollie’s problems, Jesus from “True Blood” as Sebastian Blood, who tries to point out that Ollie is still kind of a flaky jerk. He’s got a lot on his plate, Jesus! Settle down! I liked you more when you were a ghost.

Ollie goes after the triad but this new wolverine motherfucker shows up. I don’t think CHINA WHITE needs help, especially with those daggers she likes to throw around. But hey, the more the merrier, I guess.

Speedy, Speedy, Speedy. What are we going to do with you? Roy makes trouble, is annoying. Thea is getting annoyed with him as well but this plot goes nowhere this episode.

The Hood visits Laurel and she says all kinds of crazy things. She says he ran away from Tommy but could have saved him. Um Tommy had rebar sticking through him, there was no saving him. Sorry, kid, put your blame somewhere else.

We get some nice drag out fights in the episode and a little plot development but it feels like real slow going. At least Felicity got to yell at Ollie now that her secret identity is his secretary, which she is most outraged by. But Diggle explains pretty nicely that at least she’s not just his “black driver”. Oh Dig, yer funny.

On island time, Ollie beats that guy to death with a rock, and feels bad about it, and makes out with Shado. Slade tells Ollie that he should probably watch himself and that Shado is a distraction. He’s right, but what else do they have to do on the island? Distract away! They find some Japanese soldiers in a cave. Where is this going? Did the smoke monster get em?

The Hood recruits Speedy for intel, which solves Speedy’s “Thea doesn’t like it when you get your ass kicked” problem, but will still piss her off when she finds out. Hood visits Laurel again but this time the bitch done double crossed him and now there are a ton of laser pointers trained on him. What are you gonna do Ollie! I’m not sure how he’s gonna weasel his way outta this one, but it probably involves taking his shirt off. I hope.


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