Razor Candi in Rubber Temptation


Rubber? I don’t even know her! Oh man, that Poker joke can really get a lot of miles. Today is a bit of a treat for me. I have a Razor Candi shoot to review and–Christmas came early–I can even show you a few pictures of it. The first thing I notice about RazorCandi is that she’s wearing a shoulder length greenish wig. I know it’s not quite aquamarine, but The Men song does come to my mind.

Wait. Did I say the hair was the first thing I noticed? Okay, I’m a liar. The first thing I noticed was that killer two-piece red and black number she’s wearing. I think the stocking add to the shoot, too. There is a fine line on what those stockings reveal and what I can show, but (note: at this point I typo’d the word ‘butt’ or something similar three times by mistake. I think my hands are trying to tell me something) the one shot I really want to show you is not safe for work. Sorry. I tried to argue that her bottoms are just a thong and thongs are almost like swimsuit wear! I’ve been told that spending my ‘informative years’ in Vegas warped my judgement of “normal”. I guess an argument could be made that the picture of Razor Candi turning her back to us to reveal a bit of a derriere (perfectly framed) is too much. I guess the picture of her on her back pulling up her legs to her chest, smile on her face and her hand ever so…

Well, I will leave it at that. What I wanted to show you was her Bowie (Ziggy Stardust) tattoo on her calf. With a little bit of Christmas miracle, I might be able to show that tattoo. It isn’t in the full graphic pose I described, but it’s a start. SO, I guess if you want to see that tattoo closer (or the other photos far too graphic for me to describe here), you’ll just have to check it out yourself.


I wanted to jump on the chance to wiggle into this beautiful latex two piece thanks to a very generous fan and friend! I’ve had this cute little latex 2pc Bikini set for a while now and was hoping for a reason to put it to good use and with summer here what better reason! I’m also loving these interesting open toed boots, I’ve never seen open toes with a point, aren’t they wicked!! Who can resist a porcelain complexion wrapped in skin tight latex, a cherry red pout topped with colorful tufts of flowing teal hair!? Tempting eh? Despite the set being mostly non nude as I usually like to focus more on the latex, don’t let that determine the content of the whole set, just make your way through and enjoy! I even went the extra mile and made a smoking hot video for those who like to see me in motion. Just pop on over to the video section to check it out!


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