A very Kleio Valentien Christmas


Burning Angel is set out to give you Christmas if you like it or not! That’s what Joanna Angel found out when Kleio Valentien came over to spread a bit of her Christmas Cheer (I’m sure there are a few James Bond jokes here…). What Kleio didn’t know was that Joanna celebrates Christmas by tying up naughty workers. The photo shoot that comes with the video has a lot of great moments of Joanna opening a stinker of a present (duct tape) and dragging Kleio Valentien up the stairs in order to show her just how appreciative she is about receiving a present (let alone duct tape). As Joanna Angel ties up Kleio Valentien we see that Kleio has company in the shape of Santa Claus. Santa is topless and looks like he was hitting P90X3 with Tony Horton a lot more than those milk and cookies from Tim Horton (you’ll get the joke if you are in Canada).

I have to say, if Santa’s helpers looked like Kleio Valentien, he sure would come more than once a year (I knew there was a James Bond reference in this!).

Kleio and Mick Blue both came to my house to wish me a Merry Christmas…and well…I’m Jewish! Duh! Wtf was wrong with them!? I handcuffed them to the staircase and left them alone so they could think about what they did wrong…only, I think they spent that time doing other things. Hopefully this photo set gets you geared up for the holidays…the video to follow will make you love Christmas even more than you did before.


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