Kleio in the must-see Evil Dead spoof


Burning Angel really pulls out all stops (and ummm…other things) for this Evil Dead spoof. If you are a horror fan or just love to follow @GroovyBruce and have thought to yourself, “Hey, I’d hit that” when watching Campbell’s possessed girlfriend tear through people, then this is definitely the BurningAngel shoot and video for you.

The set-up for this shoot and video is simple: Let’s remake the Evil Dead and bump it up a notch in that “MPAA Ratings” thing. This not-safe-for-work video starts out strong with Kleio Valentien coming back in from the forest scene and, without flinching, pulling out a ‘prop’ from where she had it ‘hid’ in her body. She then stabs one screaming victim to death with it. That’s just how it starts out–the action (in more than one way) picks up from there. Let’s just say that this demon has an appetite and it isn’t just for destruction.

The makeup, as always for Burning Angel, is well done. Kleio makes the perfect demon model. The video makes this even more evident when it features her sans make-up. She really could be the new ‘girl next door’ (tats and all), but when she transforms, then all bets are off. As you can see from some of the video shots, sometimes a ‘hug’ gets out of control. Maybe the guy should have thought a bit longer about his willingness to ‘hug’. Let’s not judge him too quickly though because, in the end, wouldn’t you? I’m pretty sure we have all gone home with worse and at least we know the demon is a bloodthirsty she-devil.

Name: Kleio Valentien
Sex: Female
Age: 27
Height: 5′ 6
Sign: Capricorn
Location: LA
Occupation: all things slutty
Ink/Metal: https://amzn.com/w/3I57ZJN6D8DTL
Scars/Birthmarks: I have a lot of scars I was a very accident prone child.
Music: Anything that fuckin rocks!No order of course……..Nirvana,G&R,Primus,Johnny Cash,Misfits,Joan Jett, The Runaways,Isley Brothers,Yeah Yeah Yeahs,Pantera,CCR,Violent Femmes,Flogging Molly,S.O.A.D,Marvin Gaye,Dead Kennedys,The Putdowns,Operation Ivy,Cat Stevens,Rocco Deluca and The Burden,Stray Cats,Rage Against the Machine,STP,Nonpoint,The Cramps,Incubus,Alice in Chains,The Doors,Patsy Cline,Red Hot Chili Peppers,Seether,Future Leaders of the World,D.M.K,Machine Head,Sublime,Bad Brains,Monster Magnet,Ramones,The Toadies,Agent Orange,Rob Zombie,Johnny Prine,M.S.I,Jerry Cantrell,Floater,Tool,Elvis,Beastie Boys,Miles Davis,Butthole Surfers,Marlyn Manson,Marcy Playground,Local H,Reverand Horton Heat,The Beatles,Hendrix,Prince,Bob Dylan,Led Zeppelin,Muddy Waters,The White Stripes,Rancid,Queen, Iggy Pop and the Stooges.
TV: Ummm cartoons…., UFC, Pride, and MMA stuff in general, OZ, Lost, FAMILY GUY!, Futurama, Robot Chicken, Myth Busters, Discovery Channel, Scrubs, Dexter.
Movies: Ill name a few not in any order, Any zombie movie i dont care if its total shit ill find something out of it that was worth the watch, The Last Samurai, Braveheart, Gladiator, Kill Bill 1 & 2, Troy, Gangs of New York, 13th Warrior, King Arthur, Sin City, Kingdom of Heaven, American History X, American Psycho, Natural Born Killers, 25th Hour, Frailty, Matrix All 3, Fight Club, Snatch, A Beautiful Mind, Childs play (all oth them), X-Men all 3, V for Vendetta, Star Wars All 6, Riddick all of Those, Underworld Both, The Devils Rejects/House of 1000 Corpse, Tales From the Crypt (love the show and the 2 movies), Silent Hill, In the Mouth of Madness, Friday the 13th (all of them), Nightmare on Elm Street (all of them), All the Evil Deads, Dead Alive, All the Critters, From Hell, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Secret Window, Blow, Lady in the Water, Interview with the Vampire, Old School Kung Fu, UFC/Pride, Well the Horror Section and Kung Fu Section could go on for a long time soo ill keep it at this….
Video Games: Fabel 2, Fall out 2 & 3, Wolverine: Origins. Black and White 1&2, The Dynasty Warriors Series. Rock Bands.
Food: Chips and Salsa, Pizza with Japs and Ranch.
Hobbies: Hiking, Swimming, Playing music
Books: Mostly Comics. Reading the Conan series by Dark Horse now.
Best Time: Being held down on the bed face down ass up, by a certain somebody and having my pussy pounded until I came so hard
Favorite Position: Doggy.
I Have A Crush On: Johnny Depp and Christian Bale… and one really cute guy that I am not naming
Drink: Yes. Give me whiskey … just give me the damn bottle I’m not classy…
Smoke: Yes.
Bad Habits: I always think i have ingrown toenails when i dont and i have to cut them out.. even when they arent there.


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