Scar 13’s Devilish Spell


Today, BlueBlood brings a treat like none other before in the form of the marvelous Scar 13 un-dressed (yes, all the way, so keep those heart monitors close by) and presented as a sexy devil.

Something that is likely to happen as you watch each compelling image showing Scar 13’s delicate body (accompanied by a hypnotizing gaze) is that she will have you thinking twice about the idea of hell being all bad.

The tasteful, BarelyEvil characterization is great, as everything visible about her has been painted red; her horns and devilish makeup will definitely make you have a couple of naughty thoughts as you imagine yourself succumbing to temptation.

Wouldn’t you like to spend eternity watching a parade of gorgeous devils like Scar 13 in front of you?


Here is a cool set of Scar as a wicked devil girl. We were all very excited to shoot the naughty little devil tail featured in this set but it is in serious need of a redesign. It just doesn’t really work, but we all had fun anyway. I really love some of these pictures. ~Forrest



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