Ho Ho Ho from Erotic BPM


I’ve got a new site for Christmas, it’s called “EroticBPM” and it seems pretty cool. Think of it as a great collective of like-minded individuals who love BPM. The photos seem clean and crisp, as you can tell from the samples here. I really liked the look of the model. She does have a bit of ink that you can see on some of the photos here, but what really pops out here is just how the mixture of naughty and nice exists in the model. Let’s face it, most of us would love to see someone dressed in a red top with gloves and fishnets.

The multicolored Christmas hair is a nice touch, but it’s the ring through the lip that tops the cake. I don’t know what about it really sets this piece off, but, it just works. It’s a mix of girl-next-door with alt culture overtones. That’s what we’re all here for, right? The slight twist of a mirror. As for the photos I can’t show, I can tell you that when she unwraps herself, the present is definitely a keeper.

EroticBPM features beautiful artistic depictions of the eroticism of wild subculture. Obviously, this is intended for an adult audience. All of the pages following this one are designed with adults in mind. Content may include fetish fashion and all sorts of cool subculture stuff!


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