Joanna Angel plays Santa


This is, by far, the most difficult video I have ever reviewed from Burning Angel. No matter how many times (a lot) I watched this video, I honestly can say I am a bit lost on what I can say/show for the “Safe for Work” review. Picture all of your favorite models from Burning Angel like Joanna Angel, Nikki Hearts, Kleio Valentien, Jessie Lee, and Sierra Cure. Now picture all of them mostly (they are, after all at a holiday party!) naked, sitting on a sofa. So far, so good. The idea of the party is to have each girl randomly select a present (the order is random too) and open it up. This is as far as I can get with being “Safe for Work”. I can’t tell you the presents (you can guess though, it IS Burning Angel, after all), I can’t tell you what one girl immediately does with her present (but it leaves a nice lipstick ring around it), and I sure the heck can’t tell you what the other 98% of the footage consists of. Heck, I can’t even tell you how Burning Angel describes the video.

With all of that “not Safe for Work” warning given, this is the single ‘funnest’ group video I have seen, and I’ve seen a lot, pal. If you ever wanted to see Joanna Angel dressed in Christmas clothing (okay, Undressed is more accurate) and really working up that, ermmm…Christmas Cheer, then you must see this. There are so many great moments with the girls (individually wrapped for your protection) that it was really hard not to like my job. I wish I could show you a least a “SFW” version of the video stills, but I’d basically have to black out the entire photo except for some shoes and a couple of smiles.

If you like any of the Burning Angel models mentioned (and how the heck can’t you?!) you need to watch this video. I’m sure it will instantly go into your normal rotation, even when it isn’t Christmas.

This is the “safe for work” edit of the Burning Angel description:
I hosted a Christmas party at my apartment and we played a little gift exchange game.
The rest has been redacted.


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