Joanna Angel gives us something special for Christmas


I’ve got a small confession. I’ve actually bought a 99 Cents store (who can afford the full dollar!) brand bottle of personal lubricant. I gave it as a gift. I’m not proud of this, but there you have it. Now, of course, I find out that Burning Angel has their own brand of personal lubricant. In fact, I found this out by watching the video of Joanna Angel giving her boyfriend a bit of a present. He reacted to the gift of lube the same way my friend did, well, that is until Joanna Angel started to hint at what ‘part 2’ of the present was. Let’s just say it was a gift I didn’t offer up to my friend. You should know by now that I can’t show you any of her special gift, but I can show you a few of her ‘before shots’ as she’s dressed in Santa garb.

I really do like the fuzzy top on her, it seems so smoothly inviting. The bottoms are great, too. Let’s just hope that lubricant washes out well.

Name: Joanna Angel
Sex: Female
Age: 32 years and still going strong BITCHES!
Height: 5
Sign: Capricorn
Location: LA and NY
Occupation: CE-Hoe of BurningAngel Entertainment
Ink/Metal: I have a bunch of stuff on my arms, my back, my sides, and the back of my legs.
Scars/Birthmarks: If you are big enough of a fan you should know where my birthmarks are =)


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