The Force is strong with Cosplay Erotica


As we all come down from a Star Wars induced high, it’s time to review a bit of the cosplay that the Star Wars universe inspired. Cosplay Erotica comes out strong with their rendition of Bastila Shan. Shan, a Jedi, was known to show a bit more flesh than her light side compatriots. This photoshoot captures a lot of the sexual energy that Bastila Shan harnesses in the fictive universe. She poses with her lightsaber and, let me tell you, there is definitely a bit of danger where she aims that lightsaber. I’m pretty sure George Lucas never envisioned what Bastila Shan is using that lightsaber for, but if he had, I’d know more than a few gals who’d want one.

The strength of Cosplay Erotica is their ability to pull in realistic photoshoots from fantasy settings. This shoot is no different. The costume is, as stated before, spot on for Bastila Shan. It seems, by the way she uses that lightsaber, this shoot happens in the spirit of her post-darkside turn. A turn, I’m sure we are all glad happened.

“The Force fights with me!” – Bastila Shan. The character inspired by Bastila Shan from Star Wars. Shan preferred wearing a tight and flexible full-body suit, kept in the color scheme of the traditional Jedi robes.
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